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Sunny Exercise Bike Review - Is the Sunny Cardio Bike What You Need?

sunny exercise bike

The Sunny SF-bike is an indoor stationary bike made by Sunbeam Fitness, an exercise equipment specialist that also makes a range of fitness equipment. The SF-bike is made from aluminum, which is great for indoor use. It's a good bike for people who are looking for a sturdy bike with a modern design, however don't necessarily need top of the line equipment. It's an inexpensive bike, just smaller than some of the more expensive models, including the SF-M1050, a really popular model. But it offers all the benefits of other top end models, at a fraction of the cost.


The Sunny is among many different models of stationary bikes that has a spin workout feature. While the bike can be used for a spin workout while sitting down, it's also a great bike for doing other workouts, including a mix of sprints and rides. The frame on the Sunny is lightweight, with some frames having aluminum spindles, and it's not difficult to transfer the weight from one end of the bike to another. The bike is at least seven pounds under the suggested weight for adults, so if you're planning on riding it for a while and need a small, light bike to put across the house or apartment, it's a great option.


The brake mechanism on the Sunny is easy to use and reliable, although it does take a bit of getting used to. Once you get used to it, though, the brakes are very effective for a cardio workout. The resistance on the bike isn't as intense as you would find on indoor cycle machines, but it's still a big help to keep your heart rate up during a workout. This means that the workout is much more intense than it would be if you just relied on your own strength to keep up a steady pace without additional resistance.


One of the best features about this indoor exercise bike is the way the crank arms are positioned on the frame. You can tell that this is a quality machine simply by looking at it. They're made up of long, sturdy materials that give the impression of long, sturdy arms. There are some models of Sunny exercise bikes with extended crank arms, which can offer up to three hours of solid exercise. It will take some time to get used to this higher level of pedaling, which could make you go longer between workouts. But if you like a challenge and have the endurance for it, the extended crank arms on some of these bikes may be a great investment.


Some reviewers noted that the ride on the Sunny proved to be a bit rough around turns, but most seem to agree that the bike is fairly smooth despite its rough riding qualities. The main complaint seems to be that it's hard to pedal when there's no resistance, which is evident if you stop and start the bike. The seat stay is firm, which may help you avoid pinching your buttocks against the handlebars, but if you're used to riding on a road bike that's plush and comfortable, you might not mind. Many reviewers noted that while the seat stayed firm, it could be wobbly at times, especially if you overextended yourself during a workout.


One thing that many reviewers noted about the Sunny's upright position is that it was difficult to keep the bike upright when doing resistance exercises. That can be problematic if you want to stretch out your legs and ankles before your next workout session. The good thing is that you can just shift the saddle to a more comfortable position and continue to exercise, so it doesn't matter too much whether or not you can keep the flywheel upright while pedaling. The frame on an indoor cycling bike is typically very sturdy, which helps provide a stable platform for you to pedal. This means that you won't have to worry about the flywheel coming off in your workout session, which can be common with cheaper models without the quality motor.


The Sunny Exercise Bike has all of the features you'd expect from an indoor exercise bike, with large comfortable seats, wide heart-shaped handles, large tank bags, and electronic heart rate monitors. Some reviews noted that these features aren't very comfortable, though, which might be a result of the wide seat. Other users reported that they were comfortable even while pedaling quickly and at full speed. The large tank bags are big enough for most users to carry, although you should be aware that they are also bulky, making it harder to workout with them for long periods of time. Most people will find that the SF B901 is a great choice for both home use and going to the gym.


The main complaint seems to be about the resistance level offered by the bike, which is low. While this may not be a problem for some, the majority of people who workout on such bikes will need more resistance than this to get a good workout. This may be due to the fact that the user isn't pushing down on the pedals as much as they would if the seat were recumbent exercise bike style. If this is the case, however, the user would need to look at other models with higher resistance levels.