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Cardio Basics For Beginners

Cardio training is a good way to keep your heart healthy and strong. It helps fight heart disease and high blood pressure. In order to get the best cardio workouts at the gym, you should first determine what you want to accomplish. Do you plan to lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness, or do both? Are you an athlete trying to improve your athletic performance? Cardio training is great for anyone who wants to stay in shape and improve their health.



To receive the most out of cardio training, you should follow a program of approximately five to six thirty-minute sessions per week. Your ideal workload should be three to four times your body weight in pounds, but you should vary your weights from session to session. Aerobic exercise is defined as physical activity of moderate to high intensity, which relies primarily on your aerobic energy-producing system, thereby requiring low levels of calories per session.


When you perform cardio training, you work and stimulate several groups of muscles throughout your body. First, your heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to your brain and other vital organs. Second, your heart pumps blood throughout your body to supply nutrients and oxygen to your muscles so that they can properly repair and regenerate.


Your cardiovascular system utilizes many of the calories you consume to function. Cardiovascular functions, such as coronary heart disease and cardiac arrest, can result from poor cardio fitness level. Cardiovascular exercises to boost your heart rate and improve your heart's ability to pump oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Third, your lungs benefit from cardio training because it strengthens your lung muscles, which in turn makes it easier for you to breathe and exhale air. Lastly, cardio workouts improve your total physical function, allowing you to efficiently move through your day and perform your daily tasks with ease.


A great way to achieve your optimal cardio fitness level is to perform interval cardiovascular training. Interval training is a form of exercise that alternating high intensity aerobic exercises (cardio) with low intensity aerobic exercises (e.g., jogging or walking). This results in a combination of aerobic (oxygenated blood flowing to and circulating in the muscles) and anaerobic (anaerobic metabolism). A good example of an interval training session would be two five-minute sessions followed by one ten-minute recovery period. It is recommended that you complete one session each week.


If you want to achieve maximum results, Cardio Fitness workouts should include many different types of exercise movements. These are: running, walking, jogging, sprinting, climbing stairs, lifting weights, and resistance training. The right exercise program will allow you to develop endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. If you are just starting a Cardio Fitness program, the first step is to find a local gym. You can then choose what type of Cardio Fitness class best suits your schedule. There are many different types of Cardio Training available, so research the different types and find the one that is right for you.


Cardio is very important, but it does not have to be overly strenuous on your body. The Cardio workouts can be performed gradually, such as with walking, jogging, or swimming; or they can be very intense, such as by doing rapid sprints or long-distance bike rides. The Cardio workouts can also be performed slowly and at a moderate-intensity level, such as by lifting weights. However, if you are looking to develop a stronger, firmer body, Cardio is not the best approach to building muscle mass.


As with any type of exercise program, the key to lasting benefits from Cardio is to do them regularly. In order to achieve the greatest benefits from Cardio training, you should train regularly, and not just once a week. A good Cardio routine will include three to four hours of Cardio exercises each week, which will build strength and stamina in all the muscles of your body. You will notice greater benefits from Cardio training the longer you do it regularly, and your muscles will respond more quickly to the overload of oxygen that is being delivered to them as you workout.