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Best Type of Exercise Ball Chairs


Exercise Ball Chairs is one of the best tools for core training. It provides an excellent alternative to dumbbells and barbells. Unlike these two exercises equipment, ball is easier to use and is considered as a much better choice. In terms of exercise, they work on different parts of your body unlike the barbell where it works on only one muscle group. One of its unique features is that the balls can be adjusted in length and diameter making it perfect for those people who are beginners at this sport. You can also adjust the amount of resistance provided by the exercise ball chair.


As of today, there are three types of Exercise Ball Chairs available in the market. These include; the Bi-fold, Cart and the Adjustable model. All three of them have their pros and cons, which will be discussed below. The main difference in the three is in terms of price, durability, assembly and flexibility.


The cheapest among the three is the Bi-fold model, which is made of durable rubber foam. These are made of high quality and can provide strong back support up to a particular level. This feature makes it ideal for people who have back problems. The only cons of this type is its difficulty in assembly. It will require the user to have a certain skill to properly assemble it without damaging its smooth surface.


The second most popular model is the cart model. These come in three sizes; one with ten.5 inches, another with fifteen inches and the third with twenty-five inches. They provide users with the option to adjust its backrest in order to provide better back support according to their preference. However, its maximum ball diameter is only twenty-five inches, which is far below the required one of twenty-one inches.


The third, the cart based, is much larger than the other two options. Its maximum ball diameter is forty-three inches, which is only slightly lower than the required one of forty-two inches. The second and third versions are made of breathable and comfortable materials. It is easier to assemble and provides good balance. The best thing about these chairs is that it is able to provide the required support according to the user's desired posture.


All the three types of balance ball chairs are useful in providing the required support to the user's posture. However, its efficiency largely depends on the type of frame used. The heavier the frame, the more the chair will provide support while you are sitting and even while you are leaning forward or backwards. For people with poor posture, especially the ones with the severe hip and lower back pain, it is recommended that they go for ergonomic chairs that can support your body effectively and prevent any form of slouching, which in result promote blood circulation and healing.


If you are an office worker and spend most of your time sitting in front of the computer then this chair is the best option for you. They come with built-in locking wheels, which allows the user to move it around the workplace easily. As the weight of the exercise ball chair is low, it will not be too difficult for you to move it from place to place and do your work comfortably. They are also very convenient to store as they can be folded when not in use.


Most importantly, while buying this type of chairs, you must make sure that the height of the seat is comfortable enough for you and the maximum ball diameter comfortable for your body. Also check whether the chair has locking wheels if you want to be able to keep it at the location for a long time. Always look for good quality yoga ball chair so that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.