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Best Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are an all-purpose piece of fitness equipment that is extremely useful for a number of exercises, but especially a great tool for core strengthening exercises and workouts. In this brief article, I'll explain what an exercise ball is, give you some good exercises to perform with it, and recommend a few essential balls for use. Hopefully by the time you've finished reading this, you'll have a better idea of how to choose and use one for your own fitness needs.



An exercise ball is essentially a large ball made of soft vinyl elastic with a diameter similar to a large beanbag. The elasticity varies based on the brand, so it will feel more like a beanbag to some and more like a firm mattress to others. The large area of flat surface provides a variety of different working surfaces: from the classic crunches and sit ups to stretches and other strength training exercises. The exercise balls can also be used in a traditional office chair sit ups, making them very versatile.


There are many different brands of exercise balls. One of the most popular is the Reebok Easytone, which can be found at most retail stores and online. Other top brands include Life Fitness, Evolve Health, and the Puma Mini. While most are quite similar in functions, they are also sold in several different colors and with a variety of fillings. A big factor in buying an exercise ball is to choose one based on its size. Bigger balls tend to be harder to get into and may take more effort to get up to a standard office chair position.


Exercise balls come in several sizes and most commonly are either filled with water or air. The water filled versions are recommended for use in water aerobics classes while the air filled ones work just as well for performing bench presses or other upper body exercises. Most exercise balls that are used in gyms or fitness centers hold air with an external pump. This allows users to easily inflate or deflate the ball by squeezing with one hand while holding the other hand over the ball. Some also feature suction cups so users can hold the ball in place without the aid of air.


Most exercise balls are designed with two handles - one to hold the ball firmly in place and the second to raise the ball above the head. This combination allows users to perform squats, lunges, leg presses, and other abdominal exercises while sitting down. The two handles also allow for side leg raises and extensions, as well as torso twists. This unique design means these exercises can be performed regardless of whether sitting down, standing, or even walking - which makes them perfect for use with the computer, for instance.


One of the most common reasons people use exercise balls is to help develop their core strength and stability. One of the major benefits of strengthening your mid-section, as well as your entire back, are improved posture. With improved posture, comes less neck and shoulder pain, better balance and more energy. Sitting on an exercise ball while watching TV, reading a book, shopping or working out at the gym can all be done with increased comfort and increased energy.


Not only are exercise balls great for improving posture, they are also good for improving overall body strength. This can be particularly beneficial if you have been experiencing pain from an injury or simply want to get stronger to improve your athletic performance. Using an exercise ball workout can increase your flexibility, balance, and strength throughout your body. They work great for lower back pain relief, as well as improving overall strength in your legs. If you've been injured, you can also use the workout to work to strengthen your ankles, wrists, and shoulders - which can make you more mobile and capable of doing more in the field or workplace.


The best exercise balls, including the Theraband and Warm Up, come in different colors and shapes. These two bands provide a unique line of support for your workouts. Each band is designed to handle a specific workout, so be sure to purchase the one that's right for you. With a little research, you can easily find the best exercise balls for your specific needs.