Struggling With Pull-Ups? Try These Things

Pull-ups are one of the most popular types of strength training, and a local gym will often have many sets of pull-up bars that allow you to work on this exercise. Performing a pull-up strengthens muscles in several areas of your body, including your back and arms. If you're keen to add pull-ups to your strength training regimen but you find that this exercise is initially too challenging, there are a few simple things that you can do to make it easier. Over time, you'll add muscle to your body and find that you can do more and more pull-ups with ease. Here are some simple tips to help in the meantime.

Partner Assistance

Some people recruit a partner to help them perform pull-ups if they're new to this exercise and find that it's too challenging. As you stand below the pull-up bar in the ready position, your partner can wrap their arms around your waist or otherwise grab your torso. As you begin to pull your body upward, your partner can lift you slightly to help out. While you'll be doing the majority of the work, you may find that this slight bit of assistance is the difference between performing a pull-up and not being able to get high enough.

Resistance Band

If you don't have a partner who can help, you can get assistance from a resistance band. Gyms always have an assortment of these bands for people to use in various exercises. Grab a band and attach one end to the pull-up bar and place the other end beneath your foot. As you attempt to perform a pull-up, the band will shorten and slightly help your body to get higher. It will take a little practice to get used to using the band, but you'll appreciate how this fitness accessory improves the ease of your pull-ups.

Partial Pull-Up

To complete a full, proper pull-up, you need to lift your head above the bar. Beginners often have trouble doing so, so you may simply want to focus on performing partial pull-ups at first. There are lots of different goals to set. For example, you might simply try to get high enough that your arms are bent at 90 degrees. Reaching this goal will be an accomplishment, and once you're able to achieve it multiple times, you can focus on getting even higher until you're able to complete a full pull-up.

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