Three Rebounder Shapes To Consider

If you're the type of person who prefers working out at home over visiting a gym and you want your workouts to have an upbeat and fun vibe to them, there are a number of fitness devices that you may wish to buy. One good product is a rebounder mini trampoline, which can be fun enough to use that it barely feels as though you're working out. You can jump on your rebounder in all sorts of different ways, which will keep your workouts feeling fresh instead of stale. When you begin to shop for a rebounder, you'll see that this device is available in several different shapes. 


By far, a round shape is the most common shape among rebounders. This shape makes this device look like a shrunken version of a large backyard trampoline that children enjoy jumping on. Rebounders in this shape tend to have a fairly large surface area that feels spacious when you're jumping. Some people appreciate the round shape when they're moving the rebounder around their home. For example, rather than carrying it, it's easy to position the device on its edge and roll it across the floor. This can be ideal if you plan to store the rebounder out of sight at certain times.


You'll also see rebounders that have a hexagonal shape. These devices vary in size. Some have a slightly smaller bouncing surface than round rebounders, which can be desirable for someone who has minimal floor space for working out. If you live in an apartment, for example, you might feel that a small hexagonal rebounder is the right choice for you. The flat edges of this piece of equipment work well for storing it. If you want to lean the rebounder upright against a wall, the shape will prevent the rebounder from potentially rolling to either side.


Although they're not as common as round and hexagonal rebounders, you'll also see rectangular devices. The primary advantage of this shape is that it can accommodate specific types of workouts. For example, if you're interested in a dance-style workout in which you'll be jumping from side to side with a fairly wide stance, you may find that doing so is easier when you're on a rectangular bouncing surface.

Each rebounder shape has its own advantages, so give some thought to what shape would be best for you, and then browse your local exercise equipment store.

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